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Our Story

Making Ends Meat

At the beginning of 2020, Chef and his wife found out that they'd be expecting their first little addition to their family.  What they didn't expect is everything else 2020 would throw at them.  When March rolled around and the world was turned upside down, the restaurant and the cooking school he worked at both closed due to safety reasons.  Alongside that his wife's local hair salon was also ordered to shutdown due to the changing world.  Knowing their little Daisy would be with them soon they had to figure something out.  Scrambling to do anything they could to make ends meet they took a leap of faith and invested in a small smoker box and some pork butts.  

At Making Ends Meat we strive to bring the best smoked meats and sides to our neighborhood one person at a time.  We source, season, and smoke all of our meats in house (and personally taste test them too).  While smoked meats is a passion of ours, your menu is only limited by your imagination.  Let us work with you to create the perfect menu to fit your event. 

If your mouth isn't watering yet come check out the instagram feed in our gallery for more foodie pics.

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